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FREE Download iRestora PLUS Multi Outlet v3.5 – Next Gen Restaurant POS – NullJungle Nulled

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iRestora PLUS is a restaurant POS software program particularly having Sensible Stock System that helps a restaurant proprietor to guard his stock from stealing or misusing. This software program is specifically designed for a restaurant by conserving RESTAURANT NEEDS in thoughts

iRestora PLUS understands that:

  1. You have to shield your stock from stealing or misusing to stop loss
  2. Your buyer orders first then eats after which pays
  3. Your buyer could modify his order in the midst of consuming/processing
  4. When an order is modified, your kitchen must know solely modified gadgets
  5. You have to forestall modifying order that’s underneath course of or carried out
  6. Your buyer could ask about order progress and it is advisable to know & reply
    him shortly
  7. Someday waste occurs and people must be thought-about as loss and deduct
    from inventory
  8. You could have Bar alongside along with your Kitchen
  9. You buy in due someday and pay regularly to your provider
  10. You have to place an order in a short time, much less time it takes, extra prospects you
  11. You have to have some simple facility to modify to iRestora PLUS out of your
    legacy software program
  12. Chances are you’ll prefer to ship SMS in your buyer’s birthday or marriage anniversary
  13. Chances are you’ll acquire pre-payment or post-payment out of your buyer
    These are usually not all, iRestora PLUS didn’t depart every other options to incorporate that are
    additionally vital and occurs in a restaurant. Please verify full options.
  14. Full Options
    2.1 Steal Safety Stock
  • Components are being stolen? Cease it proper now
  • By sensible stock system
  • Ingredient and Meals Menu Recipe are completely different module right here
  • Outline recipe in meals profile
  • Ingredient stock will auto scale back when sale a meals
  • You simply have to sue
  • When bodily stock mismatches with software program
    2.2 Submit-payment & Pre-payment Help
    Locations Order->Operating Order & Kitchen->Serve & Eat->Bill and Cost
    Locations order->Bill and Cost->Operating Order & Kitchen -> Serve, Eat & Shut
    2.3 Recipe Profile for Meals Menu
  • Outline recipe of Ingredient of every Meals Menu
  • While you make a sale
  • These components can be auto deducted
  • Vegetarian Merchandise Tagging to Filter Shortly in POS Web page
  • Beverage Merchandise Tagging to Filter Shortly in POS Web page
  • Bar Merchandise Tagging to Filter Shortly in POS Web page
  • Assign Modifier
  • Modifier Recipe
    2.4 Highly effective Level of Sale
    POS: Order Course of
  • Pre-payment and Submit-payment help
    POS: Operating Order
  • Actual Time Operating Order Listing
  • Operating Order Modification
  • Operating Order Cancel
    POS: Order Sort
  • Dine In, Take Away, Supply
  • Service/Supply Cost
  • Supply Deal with and checking deal with for supply order
  • Desk with time monitoring for Dine So as
    POS: Search Expertise
  • Immediate Merchandise Search (Code/Title/Class/Veg Merchandise/Beverage/Bar
  • Most promoting gadgets seems first in Sale Web page
  • Simply kind VEG to filter all Vegetarian Objects
  • Simply kind BEV to filter all Beverage Objects
  • Simply kind BAR to filter all Bar Objects
    POS: Kitchen Connection
  • Print KOT (if intend to to not use Kitchen Panel)
  • Reference to Kitchen Panel
  • Reference to Bar Panel
  • Kitchen & Bar Notification
  • Prepare dinner Progress Examine from Kitchen & Bar
  • In Progress gadgets rely present in Operating Orders
  • In Progress gadgets rely present in Operating Orders
    POS: Modifier
  • Merchandise Modifier with Value
  • Merchandise Notice
  • Low cost
  • Low cost by Merchandise
  • Low cost on Complete
  • Low cost by Mounted or Proportion
    POS: Different
  • Tax
  • Waiter
  • Immediate Buyer Add Possibility
  • Maintain Sale
  • Tab Responsive (1280×800)
    2.5 Migration Straightforward Software program
  • Migrate Very Simply from Any Software program
  • Bulk Add Components
  • Bulk Add Meals Menus
  • Bulk Add Meals Menu’s Components/Recipe
  • Bulk Add Buyer
  • No have to add related information separatelylike: Class, Unit and so on;
    software program will routinely detectand add these
    2.6 Waste Monitoring
  • Ingredient Sensible Waste Monitoring
  • Meals Menu Sensible Waste Monitoring
  • Deduct waste from stock
  • Loss Calculation & influence in Revenue/Loss
  • Tag Accountable Individual
    2.7 Modifier
  • Limitless Modifier with Value
  • Assign Modifier to Meals Menu
  • Choose Modifier in POS
  • Modifier Recipe
  • Textual content Modifier
    2.8 Desk
  • Desk administration
  • Desk choice for Dine So as
  • Desk time monitoring
  • Prohibit desk choice on ongoing desk
    2.9 Revenue Loss Calculation
  • Sum of Sale (Paid Quantity) +
  • Sum of Buyer Due Obtain +
  • Sum of Buy (Paid Quantity) –
  • Sum of Provider Due Cost –
  • Sum of Expense –
  • Sum of Waste –
  • = Revenue/Loss
  • And Stock Valuation
    2.10 Ingredient Buy
  • Buy with Provider Administration
  • Buy with Due
  • Buy with Present Value
    2.11 Provider Due Monitoring
  • Buy in Due
  • Monitoring Provider Due Cost
  • Provider Due Report
  • Provider Ledger
    2.12 Buyer Due Monitoring
  • Sale in Due
  • Monitoring Buyer Due Obtain
  • Buyer Due Report
  • Buyer Ledger
    2.13 Calculation Methodology
  • Change Value in Buy
  • Solely Actual Time Value is taken into account for Revenue/Loss
  • Grasp Value is Just for Assist
    2.14 Precision Help
  • 2 Digits Precision Help
  • For Quantity and Value
  • To Help Actuality
    2.15 Small CRM
  • Date of Start and Date of Anniversary Subject in Buyer Profile
  • SMS Configuration
  • SMS to Clients Who Have Birthday Right now
  • SMS to Clients Who Have Anniversary Right now
  • Ship Customized SMS to Clients
  • SMS Bill
    2.16 Kitchen Panel
  • Kitchen Display for Chef
  • Solely Kitchen Merchandise Goes to Kitchen Panel
  • Tab Supported (1280×800)
  • Contact Pleasant Design
  • In Progress Standing Change
  • Order Prepared Standing Change
  • Order Prepared Notification in Gross sales Level
  • Merchandise Sensible Order Standing Change for Dine In
  • Order Sensible Standing Change for Take Away and Supply
    2.17 Bar Panel
  • Bar Display for Bar
  • In Progress Standing Change
  • Order Prepared Standing Change
  • Tab Supported (1280×800)
  • Contact Pleasant Design
  • Order Prepared Notification in Gross sales Level
    2.18 Stock
  • Buy +
  • Sale Consumption –
  • Sale Modifier Consumption –
  • Waste –
  • Adjustment +/-
    = Stock
  • Alert Stock/Low Inventory
  • Stock Valuation
    2.19 Manually Stock Alter
  • Someday Stock Mismatches Then
  • Alter Stock Manually
  • Addition and Subtraction
    2.20 Expense Monitoring
  • Expense Class
  • Expense Document
  • Expense Report
  • Affect on Revenue/Loss
    2.21 Multi Person and Entry Management
  • Limitless Person with Entry Management Function
    2.22 Open and Shut Register
  • Register Opening Stability Set
  • Register Closing Stability Auto Calculate
  • Register Report
    2.23 One Click on Each day Abstract
  • Sum of Sale (Paid Quantity)
  • Sum of Buy (Paid Quantity)
  • Sum of Expense
  • Sum of Waste Loss
  • Sum of Provider Cost
  • Sum of Buyer Obtain
  • Each day Abstract Report
    2.24 Small HRM
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Attendance Report
  • Calculate Wage
    2.25 VAT
  • A number of VAT
  • Completely different VAT for Completely different Merchandise
  • VAT Report
  • VAT Allow/Disable
    2.26 SMS
  • TextlLocal SMS Integration
  • SMS Bill
  • SMS to Clients Who Have Birthday Right now
  • SMS to Clients Who Have Anniversary Right now
  • Ship Customized SMS to all Clients
    2.27 Studies
  • Register Report
  • Each day Abstract Report
  • Meals Sale Report
  • Consumption Report
  • Stock Report
  • Low Stock Report
  • Revenue/Loss Report
  • Kitchen Efficiency Report
  • VAT Report
  • Provider Ledger
  • Provider Due Report
  • Buyer Due Report
  • Buyer Ledger
  • Sale Report
  • Buy Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Expense Report
  • Waste Report
    2.28 Enterprise Intelligence Dashboard
  • Complete Clients, Components, Meals Objects, Workers
  • Fast Hyperlinks
  • Dine In/Take Away/Supply Comparability
  • Abstract of Buy, Sale, Provider Due Cost, Expense, Waste
  • Low Inventory Components
  • High 10 Meals Menus
  • High 10 Clients
  • Provider Payables
  • Buyer Receivables
  • Month-to-month Sale Comparability Chart
    Most Highlighted Options
  • Steal Protected Stock
  • Operating Orders in POS (Modify Operating Order, Cancel Operating
  • Most Interactive Kitchen Panel
  • Bar Panel
  • KOT Print for Solely Modified Objects
  • Kitchen Efficiency Monitoring
  • Waste Monitoring
  • Most Promoting Objects Seems First in POS
  • Pre and Submit Cost Help
  • Clever Merchandise Search
  • Small CRM
  • Small HRM
  • Migration Straightforward Software program

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File Dimension 33.39 MB
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Model v3.5
Unique Value 70$

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